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about PnutKing !

The PnutKing brand is a registered trademark quality of peanuts from India exclusively for the factory and high quality standard users of peanuts. PnutKing is the GOLD standard of peanut quality

The Product
The Product

The raw material for PnutKing brand is carefully chosen. If anything can go wrong in quality, it starts from here!. We are experienced with Garbage in Garbage Out (GIGO) process.

We source from the green-belt of peanut production to avoid aflatoxin sources. While processing we do not spray water and refrain from touching the product. We believe that choosing the best raw materials significantly reduces the stress on process or machine to produce best quality.

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The Machine
The Machine

The machines play a great part in filtering out the defectives. Therefore we have chosen best in class machinery to process our peanuts.

  • Grading and cleaning machines are from LMC, USA.
  • Elevators for finished products are tubular to avoid product exposure. They are from MPE - USA
  • Laser scanner which reduces the aflatoxin by scanning for moulds with 4 lasers are from TOMRA, BELGIUM
  • The metal detectors can check as low as 0.8mm ferrous/ 1mm non-ferrous/ss 1.2mm. They are from the inventors of metal detection i.e. METTLER TOLEDO, UK
  • Our packing line with top speed & accuracy is from PAYPER, SPAIN
  • The machines combined capacity comprises a 480 Tons/Day which makes this factory India’s largest by capacity.
  • We are the only Indian peanut exporters in India to use such technology for processing peanuts
The Quality
The Quality

The quality of our product is checked by an External quality controller and the sales person to meet our internal standards of specifications.

  • 20% random sampling is done to ensure coverage.
  • Aflatoxin is tested by HPLC method in-house.
  • The sacks that are checked are sealed as "Checked" to ensure traceability.
  • We make sure the product is at least 99.50% clean before we send them for shipments.
  • Apart from product quality, we also focus on the right packaging solutions based on transit time.
  • PnutKing is the only branded Peanut snack food supplier in India with BRC certification
  • Click to See PnutKing Specification Chart

PnutKing offers

Pricing & Purchase Schedules
Pricing & Purchase Schedules

Pricing for pnutking will be with a minimal premium as we ensure that our quality does not come with the huge cost. We leverage on our machine and our passion for high quality raw material to produce best output with lesser cost.

Pnutking is able to commit orders for quarterly or half-yearly basis giving you the advantage of price stability.

One price fixed for the pre-defined period of a contract. The delivery schedule can span from 1 to 3 to 6 months time frame to enable your production and stock planning.

Gold Standards
Gold Standards

Pnutking follows the quality specifications with 99.50% purity as a minimum target. When you buy this standard, you do not have re-sort /re-clean. We make sure it is ready to use material thereby reducing the space, time & cost required for such process. The QC of any brand wants less focus on input quality issues so that they can focus more on product quality controls.

Apart from the product itself, we focus on packaging the product to ensure it arrives to you the same way it was packed.

Credit Terms
Credit Terms

Credit period of 30-90 days can be availed upon satisfactory evaluation of credit report. Credit is offered based on certain pre.conditions & also based on international or local LC terms.

Local Support
Local Support

We are able to offer local support in any of the countries where we have our local offices. Support such as:

  • customs clearance,
  • local invoicing,
  • reject / replace of few bags / entire lot,
  • just in time supplies,
  • currency fluctuation assistance
Cross Marketing
Cross Marketing

We allow you to use our global offices/warehouses and even our staff resources to market your finish products. We also can do credit checks, market research work for your finished products thereby enabling your market/business expansions. We believe your success is ours.

If it is PnutKing, It has to be the best.

PnutKing is a trademark quality of peanuts with benchmark industry standards. The quality will meet the needs of snack food factories & customers who has the highest safety standards in procuring peanuts. To ensure reliable performance, our factory follows HACCP management system along with six sigma methodology for continuous improvement.

PnutKing delivers minimal wastage & ensures "Zero tolerance" in quality specifications. Good quality shells are chosen to process for highest yield in “finished products”. It helps us to achieve customer satisfaction who have the highest expectations on quality standards and also reduces our cost of quality. Making pnutKing a safe, reliable and economical source of peanuts for our customer is our endeavour.

The machines used in our production are also considered to meet the PnutKing standards. PnutKing standard of quality is not given by our customers or any government regulations; it originates from our manifestation of food safety standards and nurture competition not only in price but also in quality standards.

When you choose PnutKing, you are choosing the best quality raw material, an advanced method of processing, a technical know how and most of all, you are choosing our passion for peanuts. If it is PnutKing, it has to be the best.

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